99+% Pure CBD Isolate Powder (Crystalline) 15g


This 99+% Pure CBD (Cannabidiol) Isolate is derived entirely from naturally source, US Grown, Industrial Hemp Oil that was extracted from aerial plant parts. This product is in the Crystalline (Powdered) form making it extremely easy to work with as an ingredient. You can buy CBD Isolate Powder today on 911pharmaco.com and get it with overnight shipping.



Know your CBD items!

This is 99+% Pure CBDa (Cannabidiol) Isolate, it is gotten altogether from Industrial Hemp Oil, that was removed from ethereal plant parts.

It is produced using US Grown, normally sourced NON-GMO, CO2 Extracted Industrial Hemp Oil.

This item comes in the Crystalline (Powdered) structure making it very simple to work with as a fixing.

Ingredients: Anhydrous hemp oil, no other active ingredients

This item contains 0% THC

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